Contribute to FOCUS

Anyone within the community can contribute to the project, regardless of their skillset.

Getting started
Becoming a contributor

Some contributors will already be engaging with the project as users, but will also find themselves doing one or more of the following: programming, supporting new users, reporting bugs, identifying requirements, supplying graphics and web design, assisting with project infrastructure, writing documentation, fixing bugs, adding features.

Already running a local instance?

For those looking to run a local instance of a project or contribute code, it is enough to head over to Github, sign up for an account and make a pull request.

The Github Guides section has great tutorials on how this works. For any questions regarding contributions to projects, feel free to mail us at

Reporting bugs and features
JIRA Issue Tracking

If you are running any of the projects under the FOCUS umbrella and would like to submit bugs or propose new features being added, you can use our Jira page for that. It’s in Jira where we will track FOCUS activities and issue/feature requests will be prioritised.

As a user of Jira you will receive announcements about the bugs/features added to upcoming releases.

FOCUS Project issues

Get in touch
Say hi!

Both our community manager and the teams working on each of the projects would love to hear feedback from the development community or others running the projects. Using the form below you can send us a message and/or subscribe for receiving updates, project calls, etc. from us. You can also always email us at