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The Fisheries Open Source solution community is an open source community that aims to oversee and maintain free software dedicated to the management and preservation of the fishery resource.

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Our projects

Union VMS
An open-source vessel monitoring system

An EU project with the goal of producing a free, open-source implementation of a vessel monitoring system (VMS). Requirements for the project have been set by a board consisting of representatives from participating member states.

The timing of the project is linked to the increased cooperation between member states and the EU Commission as well as the radical change of data exchange among the project parties due to the introduction of FLUX, the Fisheries Language for Universal eXchange.

UVMS Wiki   |   UVMS Backlog   |   Github repository |  FOCUS Demo presentation

An open transport layer system

The FLUX Transport Layer system is based on the definition of a system consisting of endpoints and nodes.

An Endpoint is a system component that creates and sends new FLUX Envelopes on behalf of a business system to another Endpoint via a Node.

A Node is a system component that merely relays FLUX Envelopes from other FLUX systems and propagates them towards their final destination.

FOCUS Wiki | FOCUS Backlog

Contributing to projects

Create a branch

Create a branch in your project where you can safely experiment and make changes.

Open a Pull Request

Use a pull request to get feedback on your changes from people down the hall or ten time zones away.

Merge and deploy

Merge your changes into your master branch and deploy your code.